Product Benefits

MRI is based on an outstanding technique, providing brilliant images of the body. However, these images reflect just a snapshot and do not reveal the entire physiological range of an organism. In many diseases numerous symptoms will only be apparent on the application of a load or during movement and therefore require a dynamic evaluation. Ergospect ergometers use the most advanced technology to simulate stress situations in an MRI bore, to mirror daily stress situations or training conditions. Our devices are compatible with all MRI scanners ranging from 1.5 to 7 Tesla and higher, permitting dynamic imaging of several muscle groups, stress MRI of the spine and the joints as well as of the heart. Our solutions support the following medical fields of applications: Angiography, Cardiology, Neurology, Vascular Surgery, Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine or pharmaceutical compatibility examinations.


Muscle physiology

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Cardiac Applications

Power for your heart!
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Angiology & vascular medicine

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Orthopaedic Applications

Joints in motion inside an MR bore!
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Sports Applications

Pharma Applications

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