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Diagnostic Pedal Trispect
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Static measurements are just a snapshot and do not reveal the entire physiological range of an organism. In many diseases, symptoms will only be apparent on the application of a load or during movement. Our Diagnostic Pedals are MR conditional devices which are designed to produce physical stress to the human body inside the MR bore. The system can be used in tomographs of all leading manufacturers (i.e. Siemens, Philips, General Electric, Toshiba and Hitachi) and is conditional with all magnetic field strengths of 1.5 - 7 Tesla or even higher. The basis of a Diagnostic Pedal is the Control unit, which enables the remote operation of the devices. Due to our exchange system, all modules (cardiologic, orthopedic or muscular) can be operated with the same control unit.

Physiological changes assessed with the MR technique:
  • energy metabolism, in-vivo metabolic studies: 31P MRS, 13C MRS, determination of mitochondrial function, anaerobic and aerobic capacity, and glycogen metabolism
  • lipid metabolism and deoxymyoglobin: 1H-MRS, tracking of intra- and extra-myocellular lipids and myoglobin
  • blood oxygen level dependency = BOLD, monitoring of the oxygen supply within the tissue
  • Perfusion MRI, microcirculation within the exercising muscle or the myocardium
  • phase-contrast MRI, assessment of blood flow in the feeding vessel or changes in the tissue elasticity (cartilage, disks)
  • CINE MRI, cardiac function, real time imaging of pressure-sensitive tissue like cartilage, ligamenta and disks
  • Diffusion tensor imaging, fiber tracking in muscle tissue
  • Relaxametry, determination of edema or water content in different tissues under stress (cartilage, ligamenta, muscle)

Diagnostic Pedal features:
  • Fast and easy handling of the ergometer in daily clinical routines
  • Cutting-edge technology for signal transmission without disrupting MR measurements
  • Automatic recordings of all relevant parameters (e.g. force, distance, frequency and energy output).
  • Fully automatic force adaptation powered by a pneumatic system and regulation of the energy output by user-friendly control software.


Cardio Step Module
Investigating the cardiovascular system during exercise
Orthospect Neuro
Enhancing the field of fMRI
Trispect Module
Investigating the calf muscle during exercise
Customized solutions
Special devices according to your requirements!
Tibiospect Module
Investigating the Musculus tibialis anterior during exercise
Technical Overview
How does the Diagnostic Pedal work?
Quadspect Module
Investigating the Quadriceps muscle during exercise
Control units
Ischiospect Module
Investigating the hamstring muscles during exercise
Analyse Software
Fast and easy evaluation of MRS data!
Orthospect Module
Simulating an upright position for high-quality MR and CT images of the musculo-skeletal system
Future developments
The excellence in MR diagnostics starts today!


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Orthospect Neuro – Enhancing the field of fMRI

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