Trispect Module

Investigating the calf muscle during exercise

The Diagnostic Pedal “Trispect” has been designed to stress-test the calf musculature (Musculus triceps surae) inside a MR bore. The subject is placed in supine position and fixed with adjustable straps performing a plantar flexion against the resistance of the device. Resistance is generated by air pressure and can be controlled precisely and changed during the measurement. This allows the muscle to be investigated during a predefined load protocol in connection with advanced MR-techniques. This module will be delivered with a maximum standard torque of 50 Nm or with an optional upgrade to 80 Nm for sports-related medical examinations.

The Diagnostic Pedal “Trispect” was designed as a user-friendly device for routine clinical examinations. The approximate setup time is less than 5 minutes. The pedal platform with our unique exchange system for all muscular modules permits the test subject to be positioned comfortably and securely. The ergonomically designed pedal allows the examined leg to undergo a physiological plantar flexion. Parameters assessed include force, frequency, work output and distance. The adjustment of the load is fully automated via a computer-assisted feedback-mechanism.

Technical details
  • Shoe size: EU 50; UK 16; US 16.5
  • standard torque 50 Nm (upgradeable to 80 Nm)
  • modular combination with Quadspect, Tiobiospect, Ischiospect and Glutspect modules