Control units

The Diagnostic Pedal is controlled by an electronic unit which enables an easy remote operation of the device. We offer three types of control units with different functionality, accuracy and compatibility with field strengths.

Easy Control
The Easy Control is a simple version, where the load is set and changed manually. Force on the pedal, way and frequency are displayed and recorded in a data file. The Easy Control unit is compatible with all MR scanners and field strengths and provides a dimensional accuracy, which is suitable for clinical routine examinations.

Advanced Control
The Advanced Control unit is equipped with special sensors enabling direct measurements of force provided by the patient. Even friction and weight of the pedal are taken into account. The included software (see screenshots above) allows the creation of individual exercise protocols and a real-time display of all physical parameters (way, frequency, work and performance). Data are transmitted electronically via a battery-powered system. Due to the high dimensional accuracy the Advanced Control unit is predestined for scientific research but also for clinical routine examinations. The Advanced Control version is compatible with MR scanners with field strengths up to 3 Tesla.

Professional Control
The Professional Control unit offers the same features and accuracy as the Advanced Control unit. The main differences are a battery-free system and the data transmission via fiber optic which makes it compatible with all field strengths up to 7 Tesla and higher.