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Trispect Module

Muscle in Motion – Investigating Calf Muscle Functionality during Exercise

The Diagnostic Pedal „Trispect“ conducts stress-testing on the calf musculature (Musculus triceps surae) within an MR bore. Positioned in a supine posture and secured with adjustable straps, the subject engages in plantar flexion against the resistance provided by the device.

Special Features

Precision Resistance Control

Utilizing air pressure, the Trispect ensures precise resistance control, allowing for seamless adjustments throughout the measurement process. This feature enables researchers and clinicians to tailor the resistance according to the specific requirements of the investigation.

Dynamic Load Protocol

The Trispect facilitates the examination of the calf muscle under a predetermined load protocol, enabling the integration of advanced MR techniques for comprehensive analysis. This dynamic approach provides valuable insights into muscle functionality during exercise, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and treatment planning.

Customizable Torque Options

Available with a standard torque of 50 Nm, the Trispect can also be optionally upgraded to 80 Nm for specialized sports-related medical examinations. This flexibility accommodates varying research and clinical needs, ensuring versatility and adaptability in data collection.

Our Trispect Pedal provides insights into calf muscle physiology during exercise, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and treatment planning.

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