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Product Overview

Static measurements offer only a snapshot of physiological activity, often missing vital information about an organism’s full range. Many diseases manifest symptoms only under load or during continuous movement.

Our MR conditional exercise devices are designed to stress the human body inside the MR bore. Ergospect’s diagnostic pedals are compatible with tomographs from the leading manufacturers like Siemens, Philips, General Electric, and Toshiba, spanning magnetic field strengths from 1.5 up to 7 Tesla and even beyond.

At the heart of our Diagnostic Pedals lies the Control Unit, facilitating remote device operation. Our modular exchange system ensures seamless operation of all modules—be it cardiologic, orthopedic, or muscular—with the same control unit.

Explore the breadth of our diagnostic exercise pedals and have a closer look into our specific products by clicking the pulsating blue dots in the image below.

Discover how Ergospect’s innovative solutions can elevate your diagnostic capabilities and unlock new insights into human physiology.



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