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Cardio Step Module

Heart in Motion – Capturing MRI Images Under Physical Stress

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the heart during physical stress has nowadays become a routine practice. Traditionally, drugs such as Dobutamine or Adenosine are administered to elevate heart rate during examinations due to the lack of suitable devices. However, precisely predicting patients‘ reactions to these drugs is challenging and can potentially be harmful. A more cost-effective and safer alternative is to induce an elevated heart rate through physical activity.

The Cardio Step Module is specifically designed to stress-test the heart within a magnetic resonance bore and is compatible with all magnetic field strengths. This allows for the investigation of myocardial performance and perfusion during and after exercise using MRI or magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS).

Special Features

Seamless Integration into Clinical Routines

Incorporate the ergometer into your daily clinical routines with fast and easy handling, ensuring convenience for healthcare professionals.

Advanced Signal Transmission Technology

Utilize cutting-edge technology for signal transmission that integrates with MR measurements without causing any disruptions, ensuring accurate data acquisition.

Automatic Parameter Recording

Automatically record all relevant parameters, including force, distance, frequency, and energy output, providing comprehensive data for analysis and assessment.

Fully Automatic Force Adaptation

Benefit from a pneumatic system that enables fully automatic force adaptation, ensuring optimal stress levels during testing. The energy output is regulated by user-friendly control software, enhancing ease of use and precision in adjustment.

Reliability and Precision

Rely on the diagnostic pedal’s precise measurements and consistent performance, providing reliable data for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

Streamlined Workflow

Streamline workflow processes with the diagnostic pedal’s efficient design and automated functionalities, reducing testing time and enhancing overall productivity in clinical settings.

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