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Ischiospect Module

Muscle In Motion – Investigating Hamstring Muscles during Exercise

This exercise module is designed to stress-test the hamstring muscles within a MR bore. The subject is positioned prone and secured with adjustable straps, performing knee flexion against the device’s resistance. The resistance, generated by air pressure, can be precisely controlled and adjusted during measurements.

Our Ischiospect Module provides valuable insights into hamstring functionality and performance during exercise, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and supporting various clinical and sports medicine applications.

Special Features

Dynamic Load Protocol

Ischiospect allows for detailed investigation of the hamstrings under predefined load protocols using advanced MR techniques, facilitating comprehensive muscle performance analysis.

Customizable Torque

The module offers a standard torque of 110 Nm, with an optional upgrade to 250 Nm for sport-related medical examinations, accommodating a range of research and clinical needs.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomically designed pedal allows the examined leg to perform physiological knee flexion, ensuring accurate and comfortable testing.

Comprehensive Parameter Assessment

Ischiospect measures key parameters including force, frequency, work output, and distance, providing comprehensive data for analysis.

Automated Load Adjustment

Load adjustment is fully automated via a computer-assisted feedback mechanism, ensuring precise and consistent resistance control throughout the examination.
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